About Us

Group for Conceptual Politics (GCP) was founded from what could be called struggle on the left of our times (in 2011), in Novi Sad, Serbia. It is a group interested in politics on the side of the people, in theory and art. GCP has initiated the project ‘Local Politics and Urban Self-management’ in which it works with people on housing problems, local governance and on processes of direct participation of the people in the decission making. Since its foundation, it has closely cooperated with kuda.org on many projects and common endeavors. Among those are translation and publishing projects, important for thought and practice of GCP, within which following titles were translated from French to Serbo-Croatian language and published: Anthropologie du Nom by Sylvain Lazarus and Théorie du Sujet by Alain Badiou. Currently it works on translation ofCartographies schizoanalytiques by Félix Guattari, which will be published during 2018.