Месец: децембар 2010.

The university and the academy are today’s political and conceptual super-ego

by Group for Conceptual Politics Something was abandoned. It’s not overcame – if anything at all is possible and necessary to overcome. It, therefore overcoming, always means return to the known – but then as to the knowledge, and then...

/ 9 децембра, 2010


Afterward to the translation (to Serbo-Croatian) of the book „Anomie/Bonhomie and Other Writings“ by Howard Slater

/ 9 децембра, 2010

Anomie/ Bonhomie & Other Writings

Author: Howard Slater In this collection of writings, Howard Slater improvises around what Walter Benjamin could have meant by the phrase ‘affective classes’. This ‘messianic shard’ and its possible implications leads Slater to develop a therapeutic micro-politics by way of...

/ 9 децембра, 2010